Friday, December 31, 2010

Our live in slut/slave

Our live in slut/slave

Ah the joy's of having a live in slut! My wife enjoys it ALMOST as much as I do.

So our little slut, Jen, has been living with us for a week now and what a week its been, I don't let her wear any clothes around the house so I always have a lovely view of her beautiful D cup tits, her tight clean shaven pussy and her amazing long legs with her great ass. She truely is a beautiful young 18yr old.

I dont let the wife wear anything when she's in the house either, at 26 my wife, Nikki, is still the woman of my dreams, E cup boobs, an ass ya can bounce coins off and the tightest pussy I've ever had the pleasure of filling. Add to all that the fact that she is as dirty and as horny as I am and she really is all u could ever ask 4.

I walked in on Nikki the other day, she was just doing some washing up, but she looked so fucking hot, she had her legs spread a little while she was washing the dishes and our lillte slut was gently rubbing her clit at the sink. Only Nikki would think 2 have her clit played with while she was just getting on with the day 2 day stuff around the house. I sat down at the table and just watched as little drops of her cum ran down the inside of her legs while she washed.

Hey slut, I said to Jen, why is that cum not going down ur throat? And with that her mouth was all over Nikki's cunt. My cock just started growing and growing as I watched her tounge working on my wifes pussy. Nikki's legs started to buckle a little as Jen gave her her 1st orgasm of the day. Hey slut, my turn I think? Get over here and lick my big balls Animal Sex.

I watched with a smile as she crawled over to me and started licking my nuts, Nikki strolled over aswel, swaying her hips as she walked, she dipped her fingers into her hot hole and then placed them in my mouth, God she tasted good. Why don't u give our new slut a helping hand, or even better, a helping mouth!?

She leaned over and took my cock in her mouth while Jen kept sucking my nuts. I slipped a finger in her pussy while she worked her magic on my cock but that wasn't enough, so I told her to straddle me so I could eat her dripping wet pussy, I buried my tounge as far into her cunt as I could and licked as much of her juices as I could. I was in heaven as these to horny fucks went to work on my cock. I reached my hand down and grabbed Jen's hair, pulled her off my balls and told her to bend over the table.

She did as she was told and I got up from my chair and started slidding my cock between her swollen pussy lips, Nikki had now got on her knees and was working her tounge over Jen's clit and my cock head has I teased her pussy. I grabbed her left leg and lifted it up on to the table as I slowly started to fuck her, she was so tight as I started fucking her. I started with long, slow strokes as Nikki licked and sucked her clit, I could feel our sluts cum running down my cock as she rocked with her orgasm, this only made me want to fuck her more, so I started ramming her harder and faster which brought on another orgasm. FUCK MY ASS!!! She yelled at me. I took my thumb and pushed it past her tight hole while I kept fucking here pussy. Nikki was sucking my balls now which was driving me mad, I took my cock from Jen's cunt and put it straight in her ass, I fucked Animal Sex Stories her as hard as I could.

I was fucking for all I was worth when my balls started to fill her ass with all my cum!!!

I slipped my cock out and pulled Nikki's head to Jen's ass so she could swollow it all. I sat back and let these to sluts go to town on each other, but thats another story


  1. Looks like you guys were having some fun...

  2. Q: is sex allowed in Seventh-Heaven? A: does the universe need people?

    Yes, there's IS an alternative to everlasting the misery of damnation:

    trustNjesus, doll.
    Meet me Upstairs.
    Let's getta Big-Ol beer...
    gotta lotta tok about.